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Is the JennSwing and JennSwing Cubby II in stock?

Jennswing and Cubby II are available. Green, Blue and Red are in stock.

Do you supply swing hooks/hangers with the JennSwing or JennSwing Cubby II?

Yes, we can supply swing hooks at an additional charge. We offer a large range of swing hooks to suite many types of applications. Full range of swing hooks for commercial grade application and residential use available soon, call us for more information.

What’s the difference between JennSwing and JennSwing Cubby II?

The JennSwing ® is larger than the JennSwing Cubby II ®

The Cubby II Jennswing is suited more for smaller children.

Is the JennSwing suitable for commercial use?

Yes, the JennSwing has been used in America’s parks, schools and Therapy centres for almost 20 years, so it’s been proven to have stood the test of time. Both the The JennSwing® and JennSwing Cubby II are supplied with anti theft screws for commercial application.

How long before the goods are dispatched once I have placed my order.

Once we receive your order and payment has been made, your swing will be dispatched from our Sydney warehouse within 48 hours.

Do you sell Swing Set’s for the Jennswing ?

Yes, please look at our swing frame page coming soon. swing frame for commercial and residential use available soon.

Do you sell replacement harness’s ?

Yes, please look at the replacement harness product item page


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