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Disability swings that provide full body support.

Disability swings offer children with special needs the chance of swinging safely in a swing that is a full support swing seat and commercial grade use.

Jennswing offer a full range of disability swings in three main colours. There are two sizes of disability swings that Jennswing offer. Jennswing original and Jennswing Cubby II. Jennswing original is the larger disability swings, while Jennswing Cubby II is classed as its little brother and is more suited for children that are to small for the jennswing original.

Disability swings offering children the experience the joy of playing like we all once did as kids growing up on the backyard swing set.

Most  parks in Australia do not a offer disabled swings or a full support swing seats on there swing sets. We would like to encourage councils and commercial companies to include the jenn swing disability swings range into there parks and designs for special needs children to have access to these very important disability swings.
There are different disabled swings in commercial parks in Australia, but these disability swings only offer high back support where the jennswing disability range offers full body support while swinging. This means children with mild to severe disabilities can use the jennswing adaptive swing.

Choosing the write disability swings can be hard, talk to your therapist or specialist today to find out if the jennswing range of disabled swings is the safe disabled swing seat for your child.

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