Surpassing all ADA guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation applications.
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Antonio Leone

I am Antonio Leone. I am a practicing Chiropractic Physician in Illinois America. Not only am I a Chiropractor, I am father as well.

As a Chiropractor, I was concerned about the gravitational force that my child’s body weight was exerting on her pelvis while swinging on a traditional playground swing. That’s when I found the Cubby II®. With the Cubby II® I no longer have to worry, as the Cubby II® is a safe swing and most importantly does not exert stress on your growing child’s body while swinging. I saw the Cubby II benefits straight away with its durable plastic design and its full body positioning support and it was the right choice for my child and should be for yours as well.


The Cubby II® is an amazing advancement in children’s playground equipment, not only for those children with special needs, but for all children that may need that additional support that the cubby II provides. My child uses it and I recommend that yours does too.