Surpassing all ADA guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation applications.
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jennswing cubby II full support swing


The JennSwing Cubby II Adaptive swing is a full body disabled swing seat designed for children with special needs.

JennSwing semi-reclined design offers upper and lower body support with added leg rest .The arm rests provides lateral support. Includes easy adjustable 5 point safety harness that secures the child by both shoulders and there waist.

This full support swing suites children of mild and major disabilities. Surpassing all ADA (American
Disabilities Act ) guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation applications and residential play

The Jennswing Cubby II can be easily fixed to home play equipment swing sets, offering vestibular therapy while having fun. The Jennswing Cubby II is a disabled high back support swing great for smaller children with special needs.

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Full support swing – Jennswing Cubby II

Smaller version of the Adaptive JennSwing original
ADA (American Disabilities Act ) Full support swing Seat
Adaptive Swing Seat – USA MADE – Disability swing seat

JennSwing The Cubby II – Adaptive Swing for therapy and Play – JennSwing Cubby II A child full support swing designed for children with special needs.

  • Same great features as the Adaptive JennSwing original, surpassing all ADA (American Disabilities Act ) guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation applications.
  • Durable, rotational-molded plastic seat designed for children with special needs. Made from lightweight roto-molded plastic in 3/16″ thickness for years of worry-free use.
  • The semi-reclined design offers better upper/lower body support. Low-profile, body-contoured design for upper/lower body and leg rest support.
  • Leg rest gives added support and stability.
  • Arm rests provide lateral support.
  • Fully-adjustable safety harness with plastic side-release buckles securely locks child into seat. Attaches to swing sets quickly and easily with S-hooks

JennSwing Cubby II

JennSwing ® Australia provides families a special needs swing seat that benefits children with disabilities to better enjoy play equipment and more importantly have fun while feeling the relaxing motion that swings provide.

JennSwing adaptive swing seat has no true degree that the seat is meant to be positioned in. It depends on the severity of the child’s disability. From where you attach the H-Shackle will decide the pitch of the swing seat. The seat should hang approximately 12” off the ground in residential use and approximately 24” in a commercial environment. Softfall that meets Australian safety standards is recommend beneath the swing seat at all times.

JennSwing Cubby II – Rotomolded Handicap Swing Seat

Product Description

Harness material is made of woven water resistant polypropylene with plastic side release buckles. The harness is fully adjustable that secures the child by both shoulders and waist.

Safe Use

This seat is for children weighing up to 27.2kg.
Check with medical advice to see if it is safe for child to use this swing. Adults should help children in and out of seat, and supervise children at all times while swing in operation. Do not allow children to stand on seat or use unsafely. Do not use if the swing seat is wet. Do not allow swing to be used if its damaged. Remove the harness when its not being used, as the harness may pose a strangulation danger if attached to the swing and its not being used.An adult should inspect the seat and hardware prior to every use, and be present and supervising children at all times during use. Do not allow children to stand on seat or use unsafely, and NEVER allow it to be used if found to be damaged or in need of repair during initial inspections


At the beginning and the end of each play season and once a month during play season, check for sharp edges on hardware and/or cracks in the plastic. Check for vandalism. Check for rusty or worn chain. Replace parts if necessary. Check to make sure shackles are closed properly at all times. Check cleanliness. Maintain detailed inspection and maintenance records for public-use playground equipment.
Any damage from vandalism, abuse or misuse VOIDS all warranties.


  • Seat depth (B1): 7″
  • Seat width (G): 10″
  • Seat height (A): 12″
  • Back height (E): 15″
  • Overall length: 32″

Colors: Red, Blu and Green.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 840 × 296 × 360 cm